Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Setting Sail

This seems like a good a time as any to do something like this.

Do you ever notice that sometimes life just cruises by without much friction and then many things, good and bad, start happening at the same time? Duh!

On the good side, Gretchen (my wife) and I got to see MercyMe last Friday night. It was actually more than good, it was FANTASTIC. We saw them for the first time about six months ago and were blown away. And now with a great new album (Undone) and for them to actually come into town at the brand new First Baptist Church, well, it doesn't get much better than this. And to top it off, one branch of the in-laws drove into Lafayette to join us. Even the continual downpour of rain couldn't dampen the evening.

Then on the other side of the coin, I'm really having a hard time not getting bummed out by the "politics" and pettiness of some of the people here at my church (Church of the Covenant). Please don't get me wrong, the vast majority of the people are wonderful. It's just that so many have their priorities all out of whack. They come to church to get stroked, for their warm buzzes, to see or be seen, or whatever. They participate on committees and in organizations either to push an agenda.

Now, I realize that we should be involved to help take the church in the right direction. But it appears that some are trying to guide it in the direction that THEY want it to go in. That's just not right. We should be steering the church into the direction that GOD wants it to go. I also realize that it is important to instill a feeling of "ownership" into the church. But the truth is, it's doesn't belong to anyone but GOD. We are steward, custodians, of his church. Church of the Covenant is no more mine than it is my cats'.

I want to devote most of my time to working on ministries that God want improving or even established. Not having to deal with peoples misdirected agendas and energies.

And this actually brings me to another point. Many will say they want these programs improved or established, buy they want someone else to do it.

We just took a survey of all of the church members, regardless of age, to see what people want for the church five years from now. First of all only about 37 (out of hundreds) responded. What does that tell you right off? Anyway, some of the comments were ridiculous. Some responses were to general and vague to make any since. Some weren't but were just petty. I won't mention any specifics. Only one or two said that they want deeper and more meaningful worship. I don't know if they were saying that worship at this point in time is lacking. I don't think it is, but it can ALWAYS be better. And I too hope that it will be deeper and more meaningful in five years. It better be. If it isn't we aren't going our job.

I'm hoping that a little downtime this summer will help me find some much needed peace. Also the new blood pressure medicine should help.