Friday, March 06, 2009



At least he'll see it coming.

Batman 3???

Is this a scene from Batman 3: The Revenge of Mrs. Joker.

On the rat-walk: Rodent headdress unveiled


A designer has unveiled a full face headdress made of real mice and rat carcasses on the fringes of London Fashion Week.

A model paraded up and down the catwalk in the headdress, which covered her whole face except her eyes - rat tails dangling down at the front and whiskers tickling her skin.

The creation was designed by French-born hairdresser and wigmaker Charlie Le Mindu, 22.

"I really like mice and rats. But everybody doesn't like them and I just wanted to show people it could be really beautiful," he told AFP after the show.

Asked if he was worried about how animal rights campaigners might react, he said: "It's better to make them [the rodents] beautiful than give them to the snakes."

Le Mindu was not on the official schedule for London Fashion Week but staged a show on the fringes on the final day of the event.


Ways to be cool

Why didn't I have this when I was in high school?

10 Gnome Action Movies

1. Toadstool Impact
2. Die Now, Frolic Later
3. Fatal Buttercup
4. Bluebird: Down!
5. Soldier of Merriment
6. Death Wears A Pointy Hat
7. Honeydew Velocity
8. Sudden Cottage
9. Twinkle With Extreme Prejudice
10. The Chipmunk Who Came In From The Cold

by Jason Toon & Scott Lydon