Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Memories, light the corners...

Journey: Personal - This weekend is my 30th high school reunion.I have a little trouble wrapping my mind around that. It's also been 22 years since graduated Florida Southern College. Anyway, this has prompted me to get in contact with some of the old crew. One of the ways I have been doing that is through Facebook.

It has been a wonderful tool not only for tracking down old classmates but relatives too. I found Mitch Wesley, my last remaining relative on my mother's side of the family. I also found Matt Champagne, whom I last saw in New York City, someplace in the midwest.

Originally I got into Facebook just as a social giggle at church. I took all of the Covenant emails I had on my home computer and sent invitations to join. I then created a page for Covenant. By now dozens have joined and many of us have a great time. Slowly, I'm adding high school and college friends too.

I won't be able to attend the reunion this weekend. But I'll be there in spirit and I'm marking the 40th down on my iCal right now.

The Heat is On

Journey: Technical - O Happy Day!!! One of the two announcements that I've been waiting for is here. Yesterday, Apple announced the iPhone3G.

As the ad says. "Twice the speed at half the price". All I need to do is decide if I want it in white or black. I think I'll stick with white. Now do I need it. Yes and no. No in that I have a cell phone. Yes in that it is sooo cooooll. Several times I almost bought one over the last year.

This will allow me to finally integrate the way I've wanted to. Now all of my contacts, calendars and even emails will be portable.

Apple didn't, however, announce the upgrades on the MacBooks. I was hoping they would and I could get one of the new ones before going to the worship leader conference in Austin next month. I guess it may be a Christmas gift.