Monday, November 24, 2008

And Now for Part Two...

Journey: Personal - I know, I know...I'm long overdue with my response to Quantum of Solace. There have been a lot of criticism and poo-pooing in the media that QoS is thin in plot, humor, etc. That it's not Casino Royale. My response to that is "Well, Duh!!" (in my best Jeff Foxworthy voice).

Of course it's not Casino Royale. Is it as good on it's own as Casino Royale, no. Let's face it. Casino Royale was a very hard act to follow. But QoS should be viewed as CR part 2. The beginning takes place literally just a few hours after the previous movie ended. And here Bond is searching for answers and Vespers killers. It is more brooding and introspective because of what Bond is going through. Without CR there could have been no QoS. Watch them back to back, it's one great ride.

Take out your copy of Casino Royale or rent it, watch it and then go straight to the theater and see Quantum of Solace. You'll see what I mean.

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