Saturday, January 10, 2009

Disney Star Guitarist: Guitar Hero, But With Real Guitars

Any real guitarist will tell you that Guitar Hero has nothing to do with any real-world instrument. Disney, surprisingly, has created an educational and inoffensive spin that uses a real guitar as a controller.
Disney Star Guitarist, made with help from Washburn Guitars, uses the same style of "falling notes" that Guitar Hero and Rock Band use so well. But instead of cheap plastic buttons that mock my years of slaving over a sweaty fretboard, trying to learn some shitty Dave Mathews Band song so girls at college would sleep with me, Star Guitarist makes use of a real guitar. The special strings are included with the $200 game, and can be strung onto any standard guitar. Disney Star Guitarist, along with similar versions for keyboards and vocals, will be released for both PC and Mac this summer. [Wired]

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