Tuesday, August 30, 2011

9/11 Viewing

It's been ten years since, arguably, the most dramatic scenes in our country's history. And the television media has TONS of specials and retrospecitves to help us relive the horror.

But is that a good thing? Sure, we should never forget what happened on that day or the lives that were lost, whether victims or those that tried to save them. But must we weep and gnash our teeth again?

Personally, I like what Discovery/Science Channels are doing. They are broadcasting a six-part series entitled, "Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero." This is a fascinating series documenting the buildings and memorials that are being built that make up the New World Trade Center.

In these episodes you see the love and devotion of those men and women who are determined to show the world that the event of 9/11 have not and will not defeat us. To them it's more than just a job. They are pouring their lives and souls into the project, breaking new bounds in architecture, construction and determination. The end result is a feeling of hopefulness, victory and pride in our country.

I cannot recommend this series enough, the one episode that I saw blew me away. Check your television listings for the Discovery Channel. I believe the next few episodes air September 1st.

But what I am looking forward to is on September 11th, from 4:00pm-10:00pm, the Science Channel will broadcast all six episodes back-to-back.

 However you choose to recognize 9/11, I hope it is in the spirit of pride and victory. Especially the victory that we've learning from our Savior Jesus. We should carry on this Victory in our daily lives.

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