Thursday, September 01, 2016

Comic Book Movies (Part 1)

Let me throw some ugly truth out there.

Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill were both better Supermen than Christopher Reeve. For no other reason than the Reeve movies were crap. Yes, Superman is supposed to be the ultimate boycott, but Reeve portrayed him so wimpily, there really wasn't much human about him. More sad puppy than man of steel. Also, the supporting characters were cast badly and it felt like the Superman version of the old, campy Batman TV show.

Ben Affleck is the best Batman. Better than Christian Bale, George Clooney, and YES, even better than Michael Keaton. Similar reasons as above. Keaton looked like he weighed 105lbs WET!! That's not Batman. That series of the Batman movies let his suit do all the heavy lifting. The real Batman doesn't need armor (except to fight Superman, of course), because it would just slow him down and get in the way. Batman is a big, strong man who has worked long an hard to get that way. Keaton should have just done more Beetlejuice movies. That's what he's good for.

So, come at me :) This is my opinion having read the comics for the last almost 50 years. I too grew up on the Reeve and Keaton movies, but they failed to satisfy. And I think a lot of fan-boys out there would say the same except they're too caught up in the "mob mentality" of trashing the new movies. So many people complained that Man of Steel was "too dark". So DC lightened things up a bit for Suicide Squad, and suddenly it's "not dark enough". Ok "baby bear" guess what, there probably isn't a "just right".

Over all, Marvel does a great job with their movies. But after what,11 years now, it's getting a little old. Last weekend I finally watched Captain America: Civil War". I think the action sequences were great, the story flowed well, the pacing was good: but I was underwhelmed. It felt like, "here we go again". (Which remind me of something else I've noticed. People complaining about Superman fighting Batman. "What's the point", "they're both good guys", etc. But what dues Marvel do in every one of their movies? Heroes fighting heroes. To the point that there was practically no reason to have a villain in CA:CW).

I hope DC keeps making movies. They have the better characters by far. As long as they stick to the cannon, hire good writers and directors, it should come together. And guess what else: there is plenty of room for Marvel and DC movies. When one gets it right, EVERYBODY wins, regardless of who.

I am most looking forward to Doctor Strange. After that, the Justice League movies. Beyond that, who knows. Things and schedules change all the time.

Let's just have some fun while it lasts, shall we?

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