Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Now What?

Journey: Manhood - Now that the 24 week course of Men's Fraternity: The Search of Authentic Manhood is over, now what?

Now is the day to day application of what I learned. Some of it is easier than other parts. There are several things that will take time to implement. There are some things that I have to re-learn. For instance, when am I being accommodating and when am I being passive? How can I tell the difference? For instance, when is letting my wife have her way about something actually being passive and I shouldn't do it? This is going to be very rough for me. It's not that I don't want to do it, I'm just having a difficult time understanding the subtleties of it all.

I think I have a handle on the mother issues. That was easier. I may go overboard on the boundaries and demand issues, but that's to be expected. I cannot make her happy.

In the fall we'll offer the course again. This time at two separate times, Sunday evening and Tuesday mornings. I'm really hoping that we can get a lot of guys to sign up. Because next year I want to do the second series, Men's Fraternity: Winning at Work and Home. Wish me luck this summer.

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