Sunday, May 02, 2010

Time Machine - EastEnders

I've been having fun this week. I know, I know, who said I could do that? I've been spending some time in 1985; 30 minutes at a time.

I found someone online who has complete year sets of the BBC television show, EastEnders. EastEnders is a British soap that I started watching on a public television station right after graduating undergraduate school in 1986. I was fascinated by it because it showed, however accurately or not, daily British life. It was not watered down or translated for American viewers. There were many times, especially at the beginning, that I would have trouble understanding what they were saying. It all fit in to my life-long fascination with the British. And at the time I believed that I must not have been the only one. The Tampa station published a pamphlet with British vocabulary for the show. I only wish I'd kept it.

These DVDs are rough recordings someone made with their VCR at the time and are transferred to DVD. They are totally home-made. And actually, the roughness makes it a little more fun.

I don't know how the show is now (because it is still on the air in England) but at the time is didn't seem quite so "soapish." Time flows by much quicker than on American soaps. I don't think I would have watched it otherwise.

So if I don't answer my cell when you call, I'm probably in 1985. I'll be back soon.

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