Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Vacation '10, pt 1


The toughest part of vacations for me seem to be just deciding what I'm going to do. Maybe I make it more difficult for myself, but I don't think so.

The biggest obstacle is that Gretch cannot get away. I can come up with many possibilities if it were the two of us. But when it comes up to just me alone, that's when it gets tough.

First, I want to go someplace. A "staycation" doesn't do it for me. But I don't particularly like doing vacation-type stuff alone. I like to share the fun with someone.

I'd like to go back to Manhattan. I've loved it both times I've gone. Sure I needed a rest after it was over, but there was always more stuff I wanted to do when the trip was over.

There are some cities I'd like to visit that I've never been too. Chicago, Denver, Philly, Vegas and others. In the summer, I'd prefer to go north.

If I'd thought of it early enough I would have gone to the huge Comic-Con in LA this summer. It's so geeky that I would have to go by myself. But it's been long sold out.

So I cruise the net and bash my brains for ideas? If you have any, please comment.

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